068 – Exit, Pursued by a Bear

We resume Chapter 7 of The Hobbit. Bilbo and the Dwarves spend a few days as the guests of Beorn, comfortable despite the occasional late-night sounds of a hungry bear on the other side of the door. After verifying their story personally, Beorn agrees to help the party with food, advice, and more… but he still doesn’t trust the Dwarves completely. We go further into the nature of Beorn and his place in the overall legendarium, and a Tolkien Fun Fact gives us a much-needed reason to revisit our favorite ursine from the Father Christmas letters.

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2 thoughts on “068 – Exit, Pursued by a Bear

  1. Here’s a charming thought: Beorn gave the dwarves water-skins. Gandalf warned Bilbo that Beorn didn’t approve of anything associated with the furrier’s or tanner’s trades, but we got to see one notable exception. So what were the water-skins made of?

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