043 – The Final Frontier

Join Alan and Shawn as they don red shirts for the final chapter of the Quenta Silmarillion, the voyages of the star-ship Vingilot. Its continuing mission: to bring Eärendil and Elwing into the West, to seek the pardon and aid of the Valar, and to become a beacon of hope for Elves and Men forever after. The ensuing War of Wrath leaves behind a strange new world, and each of the Silmarils boldly goes where no one has gone before… or ever will again.

For an image of Maglor Casts a Silmaril into the Sea by Ted Nasmith, visit the artist’s home page here: http://www.tednasmith.com/tolkien/maglor-casts-a-silmaril-into-the-sea/

For the article “Dragon scale” by John Garth, on the size of Ancalagon the Black, visit his blog here: https://johngarth.wordpress.com/2015/01/18/dragon-scale-why-its-impossible-to-size-up-tolkiens-middle-earth/

For the essay “From Terrible Beauty to Beacon of Hope — The Silmarils from Fëanor to Eärendil” by listener Tom Hillman, visit his blog here: http://alasnotme.blogspot.com/2017/04/from-terrible-beauty-to-beacon-of-hope.html

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Recommended Reading:

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4 thoughts on “043 – The Final Frontier

  1. Hello there. I’ve listened to more than half of this podcast. You guys are so easy to listen to, I just wish I had more time. But I’m getting there. This week I listened with my husband who knows a litt

    • Thank you! Your comment seems to have gotten cut off, but I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying listening to us. Please catch up whenever you can; we’ve got a lot more good stuff on the way!

  2. He laughed as he typed this, for the lust of etymology was upon him…
    It didn’t seem so strange that the sails of Vingilot were argent, once I remembered that “argent” is the heraldic term for “white”. Eärendil spent a long time studying heraldry and sigaldry and smithying, after all.

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