019 – How to Get the Celestial Body You Want

In Chapter 11 of The Silmarillion, the Valar put forth their power to help the Trees bear one last fruit and flower, and then place them in the sky as celestial lights to illuminate all of Arda: the Sun and Moon. We also delve into some of Tolkien’s own concerns about his astronomical myth. Finally, the Valar go shopping for a home security system, but instead opt for a really, really big wall.

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Recommended Reading:

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2 thoughts on “019 – How to Get the Celestial Body You Want

  1. It’s a beautiful chapter. I absolutely loved your insight on Arien and Tilion: so many interesting details and parallels. My favourite one has to be the one about Tilion being the first to rise to the skies just as the Elves are the first to awake in Middle-earth. Amazing stuff!

    • Thank you, Olga! It’s one of my favorite chapters as well (and Alan’s, too). I’m so glad we have it in this form in the finished story, even though Tolkien had some second thoughts.

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