Do Balrogs have wings?

Way back in Episode 007, we invited listeners to submit a 5,000-word essay on whether Balrogs have wings. We never really expected a response, but listener Tom Hillman took up the challenge! We’re truly thrilled to share the results.

In collaboration with a mutual friend (who has asked not to be identified, but rest assured that if he revealed himself, he would be recognized by everyone), Tom has presented us with a well-researched and impressively organized essay detailing the many “subtle points” to be made on the subject. We highly recommend reading it, as we believe it finally definitively answers this long-standing question.

We hope you enjoy it. If you do, visit Tom’s blog Alas, not me ( for more insight and humor about Tolkien and the Middle Ages.

Click here to read: “Do Balrogs Have Wings”

5 thoughts on “Do Balrogs have wings?

  1. Hahahahahaha, oooh my! An outstanding opinion, that by the way, I agree with. Pleasant and light reading! Yesssss! 😆

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