Outtakes (page 4)

Our best goofs, blunders and general tomfoolery, continued!

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Outtake #31 (“Inappropriate Titles”)

We hint at some things about Idril that might make Tuor a bit cross with us. And if you think this is the first time we’ve come up with some off-color titles, you’re wrong.



Outtake #32 (“James T. Eärendil”)

We break out our best Captain Kirk to honor. the one man. who braved. the journey. to Valinor.



Outtake #33 (“Mixed Mythology”)

These are the voyages of the star-ship Vingilot…



Outtake #34 (“Classics and Beer”)

Shawn’s geekdoms collide!



Outtake #35 (“That’s Amandil to You!”)

Auto-correct creates another opportunity to digress; Alan and Shawn do their best impressions of Moe Szyslak.



Outtake #36 (“Alan’s Kryptonite”)

And we come full-circle. Alan still can’t pronounce the other name of Oiolossë, and hilarity ensues.



Outtake #37 (“Bad Stock Tips”)

In which Shawn deeply misunderstands the nature of time travel.



Outtake #38 (“Buy Shawn a New Chair”)

In which Shawn’s chair gives its opinion once again.



Outtake #39 (“Tra-la-la-what?”)

In which Alan reveals his loving disdain for silly Elves.



Outtake #40 (“Silent ‘T'”)

Shawn goes to great lengths to prove he knows how to pronounce a French word. In Dwarvish.



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