Outtakes (page 3)

Our best goofs, blunders and general tomfoolery, continued!

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Outtake #21 (“Insult The Several States”)

Alan expresses much regret over his verbal assault on Oklahoma, North Dakota and portions of Texas. Shawn may or may not mock him.


Outtake #22 (“Shawn’s Got Nothing”)

Before we record, Shawn takes inventory of his research and notes… and finds it wanting.


Outtake #23 (“Witch!”)

The Easterlings thought Morwen was a witch — naturally, that leads to a lengthy recitation of Monty Python from Alan and Shawn. Naturally.


Outtake #24 (“No Respect for the Dead”)

Alan and Shawn engage in some harmless mockery of the death of Finduilas. Invite them to your next funeral or family roast!


Outtake #25 (“What’s Eating Gwindor?”)

As Alan and Shawn discuss the outro gag from episode 038, they demonstrate why they’re rarely invited to summer barbecues.


Outtake #26 (“Beren, Túrin and… Star Wars”)

Nerd worlds collide: lost extremities and kissing your sister!


Outtake #27 (“Taco Tuesday!”)

Shawn’s, um… ‘chair’… makes itself heard right at the wrong time. Juvenile jokes about flatulence ensue.


Outtake #28 (“Is That Really Your Chair?”)

Shawn tells us under what circumstances he’s okay with his ‘chair’ being audible.


Outtake #29 (“Under the Sea”)

Shawn gives us his unique spin on a character voice for Ulmo — a must-hear!


Outtake #30 (“Even When He’s Wrong, He’s Right”)

Alan is so used to mispronouncing words that on the rare occasion that he gets one right, he still thinks he flubbed it. Laugh at the silly man.


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