Outtakes (page 3)

Our best goofs, blunders and general tomfoolery, continued!

Outtake #21 (“Insult The Several States”)

Alan expresses much regret over his verbal assault on Oklahoma, North Dakota and portions of Texas. Shawn may or may not mock him.

Outtake #22 (“Shawn’s Got Nothing”)

Before we record, Shawn takes inventory of his research and notes… and finds it wanting.

Outtake #23 (“Witch!”)

The Easterlings thought Morwen was a witch — naturally, that leads to a lengthy recitation of Monty Python from Alan and Shawn. Naturally.

Outtake #24 (“No Respect for the Dead”)

Alan and Shawn engage in some harmless mockery of the death of Finduilas. Invite them to your next funeral or family roast!

Outtake #25 (“What’s Eating Gwindor?”)

As Alan and Shawn discuss the outro gag from episode 038, they demonstrate why they’re rarely invited to summer barbecues.

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