Outtakes (page 2)

Our best goofs, blunders and general tomfoolery, continued!

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Outtake #12 (“Wait For It…”)

A little ‘behind the scenes’ moment where discover that just because Shawn’s a “stickler for accuracy,” it doesn’t mean he’s always right.


Outtake #13 (“Equine Mathematics”)

Shawn’s horse, Trigger, performs basic math and predicts the length of episode 030.


Outtake #14 (“Stank Upon the Air”)

Alan waxes poetic about an eructation. And no, that’s not what you think it is. And yes, that’s how it’s spelled.


Outtake #15 (“Really Bad Accents”)

Shawn’s “Wisconsin Mom” turns into an Irish leprechaun. And Morgoth takes a shower.


Outtake #16 (“No… REALLY, Really Bad Accents”)

Alan takes his turn at humiliating himself; we agree it’s so bad we shouldn’t even put it in the outtakes. But then…


Outtake #17 (“They Might NOT Be Giants”)

Once again, Alan and Shawn demonstrate their lack of singing prowess… but at least their taste in music is still good!


Outtake #18 (“Yes, He Worked for a Dictionary”)

Shawn gets frustrated with the dictionary — don’t get on his bad side.


Outtake #19 (“Westu… Wait!”)

Shawn leaves Alan hanging precariously upon the cliff of an introduction.


Outtake #20 (“You Okay Over There?”)

Shawn brings much attention to an incident in Alan’s sound booth, prompting a rare restart.


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