Outtakes (page 1)

Our best goofs, blunders and general tomfoolery!

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Outtake #1 (“Taniquetil”)

Alan stands up bravely to the threat of a challenging Quenya pronunciation and is defeated.


Outtake #2 (“Average”)

Shawn’s latest linguistic research project is graded harshly, but fairly.


Outtake #3 (“Treebeard & Ungoliant”)

Alan demonstrates his vocal range with a certain… special… something…


Outtake #4 (“Galaxy Quest”)

Never give up, never surrender!


Outtake #5 (“Foreigner for Fëanor”)

Alan never takes advice, and someday he’ll pay the price, I know.


Outtake #6 (“Call Me Maggie”)

Shawn decides calling him ‘Lómion’ just isn’t familiar enough.


Outtake #7 (“Really Bad Singing”)

Our moment in the limelight is a far cry from the great vocalists of rock … or even comedy.


Outtake 8 (“What WAS That?”)

We’ll never tell (because we can’t remember)! But listen to the evidence and decide for yourself.


Outtake #9 (“Haldad Oops”)

Shawn learns that reading is hard, even with help.


Outtake #10 (“THAT Button”)

More fun with the studio toy that Alan should never have gotten his hands on.


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